Month: March 2015

Meet Carlos

Good morning! I’d like to start off my day by introducing myself as the happy new team member of Stat Media. My name is Carlos and I moved to Tampa from Puerto Rico where I obtained my B.A. in Communications and worked as a fashion and wedding photographer.

My first experience with Stat Media was a memorable one. Everybody in the team met up at the office at 11:30 a.m this past Saturday. The shooting for the wedding preparations was at 2 p.m. but we had plenty of time since the location was only 45 minutes away. Kristen had woken up early to make sure that all of the equipment was all ready – so we were off to the shooting right away. On the way, Greg was very passionate about re-communicating the story-line of the shoot for us. By the time we got there at around a quarter past one, we all knew what to do. We met the bride Veronica and she was happily surprised to know that we were early. For me, I was happy to know that as well, since it is important for me to work for a team that delivers. The day of Saturday was constant dedication to the job at hand; photographing all of the events of the wedding…

Pictures on the blog of the wedding will come soon!